Sr. SaRa Lee, OCD Carmel of Reno


Wandering and wondering

Where do I belong?

Why does it seem that every door

to acceptance and love slams shut?

Don’t they know I’m carrying

the Spirit of God within me?

Where can I be born



Where can that which lives within me

Come to life?

Where can I be free

to be

and behold..

The light that shines within me.

Who will receive me in love?

In the open arms of Creation

there is a Nativity that awaits..

in every dark night.

The Spirit of Love

and New Life

Always welcomes and receives

Every nativity

when human hearts

shut the doors

you seek to enter.

The Inn of field and sky

will reveal the radiance

Of Maternal strength

And unwavering trust

while the Light of Love

Awaits the moment

to enter your world..

in any moment

at every moment.

Every birth

and new beginning..

Begins with a journey

into darkness and wandering..

The Advent of courage is to be

as vulnerable and trusting as a newborn..

relying upon Maternal strength

that follows the Sacred voice within..

Trusting the promises..

That something will indeed

come of the impossible

that you see before you.

Faith is ability to adapt

and open to an unknowable future..

It’s hard to see

the light of a distant star

if we’re not sure where to look..

Follow the star

that reveals the radiance

of Original Love

Seeking, searching and waiting..

to reveal a Light that waits to comfort

And lead you..

Holding the hope 

of a new beginning..

that arrives through the pain 

of carrying

weary wonderings 

weighted with fear


Light breaks..

Someone has arrived..

In that native place of pain

And you fall to your knees

in awe and reverence.

All that has been promised and foretold..

Is gazing into your eyes..

The experience of Infinite Love..


to be held in your arms..

Merry Christmas 

Chris Donovan

Carmel of Reno 

December 24, 2021 

Chris Donovan

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© Chris Donovan

Chris Donovan is a frequent speaker on Scripture and Spirituality. She holds a Master of Theology (Th.M.) and a Post-Master's Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, as well as a Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) from Weston Jesuit School of Theology. Chris is an associate member of the Catholic Biblical Association and of the Carmelite Contemplative Community of Reno, Nevada.