About Sister Sa Ra

Sr. Sa Ra

I grew up in Korea and our house (Korean traditional architecture) was in front of the ocean. This ocean was like a garden to embrace the house with beauty. As a very little child, I played every day on the white beach and looked at the clear water. This relationship grew in me and formed a deep desire and dream in my life. I studied art because of this experience of being in nature.

I was a high school student when I began to learn painting. Color was very exciting when I was painting. I remember on my way back home after painting, I saw all the colors in the night sky, and my heart was filled with joy and beauty. I entered the University to continue studying Fine Art and I got a Master’s degree at graduate school. I came to San Francisco for my second Master’s degree in art after I had taught at the University in Korea.

Although. I was studying in a beautiful city, I always had a deep longing in me, and I found it was the beauty of God.

Seeing is a way of knowing, and it is a gift we receive from God. I explore and communicate when I paint to know what I am seeing. When I paint, I let my brush strokes, drippings, and all my actions meet on the canvas.

Painting is like breathing for me; it is natural communication between me and this world. I want to share peace, harmony, and beauty with others through my paintings.

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Commissioned by the Diocese of Reno for the 2015-2016 Synod. It presently hangs in the Diocesan Pastoral Center.