About Sister Cecelia Kang

In the body there is a little shrine.
In that shrine there is a lotus.
In that lotus there is a little space.
What is it that lives in that little space?
The whole universe is in that little space,
Because the Creator, the source of it all,
Is in the heart of each one of us.”

I find these verses from Upanishads describe me quite well as a person and as a Carmelite, what I believe and witness with my life.

Although my family background and surroundings were very Catholic from my birth, I don’t recall any moment that I wished to become a nun. Yet, my innate attraction to inner life and the urgent longing for liberation from self in order to love freely led me to religious life and Carmel was “IT”. This longing has remained a dominant force in me all along.

I entered Carmel in South Korea in 1981, transferred to Carmel of Clinton Twp. (Michigan) in 2001 and made another transition to Carmel of Reno in 2011. Each step of the journey has been so enriching. In Reno, I have finally come home, at home with myself, at home with the world, and at home with God. So my life of contemplation, love and gratitude goes on . . . toward ever growing integration with the Whole in our evolving world.